Pita My Shawarma (Cranberry)


Pita My Shawarma 

Pita My Shawarma Storefront


Pita My Shawarma is a Lebanese restaurant located on Perry Highway in Cranberry PA. The service here is fast casual with their food offerings being made to order or ready to go. There are many dining options at Pita My Shawarma, including sit-down tables, walk-in takeout, or mobile order pickup. 

Chicken Shawarma
Chicken Shawarma

Halloumi Fries
Halloumi Fries 


The Food: 

The food at Pit My Shawarma was tasty. I ordered the chicken shawarma dish with halloumi fries and falafel. The shawarma was wrapped well and seasoned great. The only downside to the shawarma was the chicken tasted a little dry. The halloumi fries and falafel tasted excellent with the only downside being the small portion sizes. 


The service at Pita My Shawarma was great. There was only one worker inside when I visited and he was attentive, kind, and quick to make my food. 


The inside of Pita My Shawarma is similar to other fast-casual restaurants. Music is playing when you walk in. There are a few tables in the back to eat your food. Additionally, the walls are brightly painted with murals and accolades of the restaurant and its owner. 

Rating: Good |⭐⭐⭐⭐☆|

If you enjoy Lebanese food and are looking for a quick meal during the day in Cranberry, I would suggest trying Pita My Shawarma. The food is very good and is visibly made by hand behind the counter. As stated above, my only criticism is my chicken was a little dry, and the portion sizes of the sides were small. 



If you are interested in checking out Pita My Shawarma I have also provided the menu below!