Piada Italian Street Food (Ross)



Piada Italian Street Food can be found by The Block Northway in Ross. Here you can order their namesake dish which is the piada. It is an Italian-style wrap filled with greens, sauces, and meats. Additionally, they serve noodle dishes and grain bowls. This location has indoor and outdoor dining. You can order your food at the food line, or on their app for pickup. 


BLT Piada
BLT Piada 

The Food:

My order at Piada consisted of calamari  and a BLT piada. The calamari was delicious and it was fried with hot peppers. They also gave me a side of marinara sauce and basil aioli. My piada was tasty and the ingredients were fresh. I got spicy fried chicken inside my piada which was super spicy and tasted like Nashville hot chicken. 


The service at Piada was decent overall. I placed an online order and the food did take a little longer to come out. However, when I got there, the restaurant was very busy. Unfortunately, they forgot the sauce that goes with the calamari. Although they were happy to give it to me after I asked. 


The inside of Piada feels modern and well-decorated. When I sat down I noticed a large mural on the wall of an Italian street scene. This fits well as their food is supposed to be Italian street food. When you first walk in you can see the entire food line where they assemble your food along with the kitchen where they cook everything. 

Rating: Good |⭐⭐⭐⭐✩|

I think Piada is a great fast casual restaurant similar to Chipotle where you can swing by and grab a quick bite to eat. Their ingredients are fresh and everything is cooked to order. My favorite thing I ordered was the calamari. It was fried to perfection and had great dipping sauces. 


This is a picture of their menu which is on the wall when you first walk in the restaurant to the right.