Valliant's Diner (Ross)


Valliant's Diner 


Valliant's Diner is a retro themed restaurant on Babcock Blvd in Ross Township. They offer a large made-to-order breakfast menu and lunch dishes. You can eat inside at one of their tables or at the bar. 

Valliant Burger
Valliant Burger 

The Food: 

I ordered the Valliant Burger, their namesake dish. It was a 1/2 pound angus patty on a sesame seed bun with swiss cheese, peppers, and onions. Overall it was tasty and the fries served with it were hot and delicious. 


The waitress I had at Valliant was super friendly. Everyone was walking around making sure we had what we needed. The food did come out a little slow but there were a lot of people. 


Valliant's Diner has a great retro theme that includes the paint on the walls and the retro car and celebrity photos hanging. 

Rating: Good |⭐⭐⭐⭐✩|

Valliant's Diner is a good place to stop by if you are craving good breakfast food or a retro burger. Everything seems to be made right there on the grill which makes the food come out super fresh. It does get busy here on the weekends, so come early if you want to get a seat. 


This is the menu for Valliant's Diner if you are looking to browse the menu for a future visit!