PokeBox - Plaza del Sol


Pokebox-Plaza del Sol 


PokeBox is a fast-casual poke bowl restaurant with two locations in the Outer Banks. I went to the Plaza del Sol location in Nags Head. They offer a simple menu of customizable poke boxes with lots to choose from.

The Food:

My food at PokeBox was refreshing and different. There are different protein options with some being raw and others cooked. They give you many different toppings and mix-in options along with a variety of sauces. I had raw salmon, spicy raw tuna, and tofu with lots of toppings.


Most of the restaurants in the Outer Banks have long wait times and when you finally get in, it takes forever to eat and leave. However, at PokeBox we placed an online order and had our food within a few minutes. I thought the staff was nice and they reminded us that we can have extra napkins and soy sauce.


The inside of PokeBox was clean and tidy. There are a few tables inside to the right where you can eat. It is clear the owners take care of the restaurant because it’s very inviting when you go in. The kitchen is open and they take your order similar to Chipotle with everything being in containers and you telling them what you want. 

Rating: Excellent |⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐|

I think if you want something quick in the Outer Banks this is a great option. It is very difficult to find a place that is not packed while you are on vacation. So if you want something fresh and made right in front of you, this is a perfect choice!