Kura Sushi (Pittsburgh)


Kura Sushi (Pittsburgh)


Kura Sushi is a chain of revolving sushi restaurants in the US, Japan, and Taiwan. They focus on providing a fun and unique dining experience using high-quality ingredients. Their menu is extensive with sushi rolls, nigiri, ramen, desserts, and much more. 

Ikura Norimaki 

Texan Roll

Salmon Yukhoe

Spicy Garlic Tempura Philly Roll



The Food:

Kura Sushi has a wide variety of freshly made food. Most of the items we ordered were rolls and nigiri. Every single item we ordered was fantastic and unique. They have traditional sushi like you would see in Japan and they offer specialty rolls like the Texan roll or the spicy garlic Philadelphia roll. We ordered the takoyaki which came out hot and delicious. The warabimochi was also a unique and tasty dessert!


The style of service you get at Kura is quite unique. The only interaction with a real human worker you have is when you first sit down. They explain how to take the plates off the conveyor belt and what to do with your plates when you are done with them. Besides this, all of your food comes on the conveyor belt. The drinks you order come by on a friendly robot! They literally have a robot riding around the restaurant delivering drinks to people and playing music!


The inside of Kura Sushi is clean and creatively decorated. Your dining experience is made fun and interactive with the touchscreen ordering system and the conveyor belt. You can either take food from the bottom conveyor belt as it comes around, or you can order from the screen. If you choose to order from the screen, the food will be specially made for you and sent on the upper conveyor belt which plays a chime when your food arrives. Once you eat the food, you take the plates and put them in the disposal slot which is what keeps track of how many plates you ate. Once you are done eating, you can check out on the touchscreen and pay on your phone, or get a check from the waiter. 

Rating: Excellent |⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐|

The overall experience of Kura Sushi at its Pittsburgh location is amazing! All the food we ate was fresh, high quality, and delicious. The experience of eating here is also fun and interactive which adds to the uniqueness of the place. Even if you do not like sushi, there is plenty of hot food like fried chicken, ramen, steak, shrimp, and more! If you have never tried revolving sushi, this is a great opportunity to try it and have fun while you are eating!