Large Plain Pizza and Pints


Large Plain Pizza and Pints


Large Plain Pizza and Pints simply known as Large Plain, is a pizza restaurant located in McCandless, a suburb of Pittsburgh. They offer different pizza varieties, hoagies, wings, and gyros. We ordered a pizza and hoagie for takeout. 

Large Plain Pizza
Extra Large Plain Pizza

Italian Hoagie
Italian Hoagie

The Food:

We decided to get their namesake extra-large plain pizza and an Italian Hoagie. The pizza was slightly undercooked and doughy which is a style I enjoy. They also added plenty of provolone and mozzarella to make it very cheesy. However, the hoagie was just ok and the toppings were nothing special. Next time I will definitely try the wings as they seem better than most of the other offerings. 


I ordered the food through the website and it was ready for pickup in less than 15 minutes. The ordering experience was quick and they even let you order online and pay at the restaurant.


The inside of Large Plain is small with the dining room having a handful of tables. If you are getting takeout the to-go counter is right where you first walk in. They also have coolers full of beers and drinks when you pickup as well. 

Rating: Average |⭐⭐⭐✩✩|

Large Plain is a decent choice for pizza in the North Hills area. The pizza in my opinion was decent with the dough being slightly undercooked which some people do not like. Also, the hoagie was the weaker of the two entrees we ordered. I wish the whole assembly of the hoagie was made with slightly better ingredients. However, I did appreciate the speed of their service and may go back to try more of their food.