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Kung Fu Chicken

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Kung Fu Chicken is a popup kitchen located in the Novo Asian Food Hall. It is located at the bustling Terminal building in the Strip District on Smallman Street. There are also other pop-up kitchens in the same place so you can try different foods while you are there.

Kung Fu Chicken Sandwich
Kung Fu Chicken Sandwich

Kung Fu Chicken Sandwich

The Food:

Kung Fu Chicken offers a selection of fried foods in their pop-up kitchen. They serve Taiwanese-inspired dishes including their namesake sandwich. I ordered the kung fu chicken sandwich with fries. The sandwich was dry, had a bad bun, and the seasonings were not my favorite. Kung Fu made a good looking sandwich but the taste was not there for me. The French fries were decent but had a sweet seasoning which threw it off a little bit. 


The service at Kung Fu Chicken is just ok. Since it’s a pop up kitchen you have to order your food at a counter and wait for a timer to get the food. It took a decent while for the food to be ready. 



Inside is quite busy since Kung Fu is located in the Novo Asian Food Hall. It was hard to find seating inside so we ate under the awning outside. 

Rating: Awful |⭐✩✩✩✩|

Kung Fu Chicken is an interesting idea to have at the food court in the strip. However, from the food I ordered it was below average and very expensive. The chicken sandwich with fries combo was $19! For that price the chicken should be juicy with a great bun and toppings. I will likely try a different restaurant next time I visit the Asian food hall. For me, Kung Fu Chicken just did not cut it.