Biercamp is a brewpub restaurant situated in Ann Arbor Michigan. They specialize in hot dogs, smoked meats, cheese, and beer. The restaurant prioritizes using ingredients that are free of artificial ingredients, and hormones and raised naturally.

Chicago Dog, Chili, Brisket Sandwich, and Backwoods Tots

The Food:

For dinner, we decided to get an assortment of food to try out all they had. So we ordered the chili, Chicago dog, brisket sandwich, and backwood tots. I had the brisket sandwich which came packed with meat, sauce, and pickles. The bun was especially soft and the sandwich was great. We all shared the tots which had even more stuff on it. There was coleslaw, pickles, sauce, and bbq pulled pork. Both the sandwich and the tots were very messy but delicious. 


Biercamp does not have traditional table service. Instead, you order your food at the counter inside and they give you a buzzer to let you know when the food is ready. It did not take too long for our food to be ready which came out on one platter. 


Biercamp has a great atmosphere both inside and outside. First, the order area inside is well decorated and has a nice condiment station where you can grab all your sauces and toppings for your dogs. Additionally, you can eat outside or inside. We chose to sit in the outside eating area while we ate. 

Rating: Good |⭐⭐⭐⭐✩|

Overall, Biercamp is a solid place to try if you are in the Ann Arbor area and love brewpubs. The food was great and we did have beer as well which also hit the spot. My favorite dish was the brisket sandwich which was a bit messy but worth it for the flavor. The only detractor here is the lack of waitstaff and the food is pricey. However, if I am back in Ann Arbor I would like to try this place again.